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Image result for Images of National science fair

The high school will be hosting a National Science Fair for 60 schools across the state of Washington. The project will ask them “how they will plan this?”

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  1. Students will research and develop a proposal for how we will host the “National Science Fair”.
  2. Student will then create the site for the guests consisting of both contestants and audience who will be attending.
  3. Students will need to find out what physical needs will be needed for the facility, contingencies, regulatory requirements, support personnel and how to train them, what rules and laws may apply, and how will all this relate to the community at large. According to West & West (2009),
  4. Students will also need to consider the development of agendas, timelines, procedures, impacts, themes, costs, etc.
  5. Students will learn about the tasks involved in hosting such an event and the information surrounding it which will include the logistics.
  6. Students will also learn what information should be disseminated and to whom and when.
  7. Students will also learn about what resources are needed and how to apply them. This will involve the students having to perform a post-event evaluation and they will need to keep or modify for hosting any similar events.
  8. Students will also gain knowledge and understanding of the advantages of having a detailed plan in place before, rather than during the event as well as how to manage large groups of people. The size of such an event can be daunting, even if only in theory. Sufficient advance time needs to be allotted well in advance of the actual event.